Free Piece

while not working on mine projects I took the time to work on my own art pieces. I wanted to make a dragon and castle painting for a while, I wanted to make something semi-realistic with the dragon and it’s background. The white tiger drawing was a friend. For this drawing I was focused on…

Realistic Owl

I was given the challenge to make a realistic animal. The owl has always been a animal I was able to draw or paint semi-realistic. For this piece I was looking at old book covers from children stories. The cover usually had a background  and oval profile. Since the challenge was to be realistic I…

Stranger Things Ceiling Tile

In my art class seniors had the option to make a ceiling tile. I wanted to make something outside of my comfort zone when it came to small details. I liked making more of a realistic painting piece. The painting took three days to finish.

Nuka Cola Faded Advertisement

Here, is my own take on the posters found around the world of Fallout. These posters are found torn, faded, dirty, and old. I made this piece by ripping the outside corner, markers dipped in water to make deep stains, and light yellows and browns in watercolors.

Master Copy “The Cat with Red Fish” Henri Matisse

My adaptation on Matisse’s piece “The Cat with Red Fish” includes my own cats. Each cat is placed based their personality. The orange cat by the window has a lazy and laid back. While, the black and white cat has a crazy and hyper attitude.

3D Print Nuka Cola Vending Machine

The print was overall a simple build. The print itself had imperfections with the print lines. Sanding and primer spray paint made the overall piece look more finished. The paints that was used where: acrylic paints and spray paint with primer with gloss.

Fallout Red Rocket Painting

This painting was done with acrylic paints that was watered down to give more of a messy look to the painting. The famous scene is from the post-apocalyptic gas station “Red Rocket” from Fallout 4.